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Our passion is making companies efficient by identifying data patterns and employing technology and automation for consistency, transparency, and data-driven decision-making.
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Experienced, Skilled, & Agile!

Digital Transformation for SMBs

Small businesses and startups can leverage our digital transformation solutions to navigate challenges and rapid technological acceleration.

Services For Every Stage of Your Digital Transformation Journey

No matter the stage of your digital transformation journey, we offer expertise in solutions from simple to complex that are in sync with the fast-changing tech landscape.

Human to Human (H2H) is the Best

Our personal touch helps you build rapport with us, and we help you grow your business further with a shared understanding.

A Dedicated IT Department is Not a Prerequisite

OnData Services helps you take care of your digital transformation needs and lets you build on your business. No dedicated IT department is required!

We provide IT & Business Solutions

Technology Consultation

OnData Services provides expert technology consulting that results in solutions tailored to your organization’s unique industry needs.

Digital Transformation

Get greater visibility of your business processes. Let OnData Services help you develop an adaptable transformation strategy that shows your business is ready to deliver future value.

3D Scanning and Modeling

Planning a remodel or a major construction project? Need accurate as-built drawings and models? ODS is equipped with the right emerging technology to support all your project needs.

Product Implementation

As a Zoho authorized partner, we customize solutions to match your business process, whether it be Zoho implementation, development, integration, support, or maintenance.

Data and Analysis

OnData Services experts establish high-performance and scalable data environments that deliver real-time insights and advanced analytics.


OnData Services has the experience and proficiency to help you enhance your IT security posture, reduce cyber security risk and improve overall operational efficiency.

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